This was disappointing, especially with the 60% full Business Class cabin on this flight. We made our way to the gate 45 minutes before departure time. Generally using Etihad Guest miles on Oman Air represents good value compared with using them on Etihad flights (e.g. Grilled lemongrass chicken with raspberry vinaigrette. When I was taking a photo of the directory, a staff member mentioned that the listed spa wasn’t open just yet. A large model of its flagship Boeing 787 aircraft is the feature piece in the reception which sits in front of a portrait of the Sultan of Oman. These seats also benefit from the same full length as the A and K window seats (only the B and J aisle seats suffer some reduction in length to allow for the window seat access corridor). The wide-body Boeing 787-9 is a stretched version of the advanced long-range twin engine B787-8. But it’s the Apex Suites on the 787 that further swing my love to Oman Air. Directly in front of me, I had a 17-inch IFE monitor and an ottoman, under which I could store my camera bag. During my visit, the buffet included 7 hot dishes and a large selection of cold options and desserts. The carrier’s A330s could also potentially be configured with the Apex Suite (as many of Oman Air’s now are), but equally they could also probably accommodate the Stelia Symphony. Wi-Fi was also installed on this new aircraft, but I just couldn’t get it to connect so I gave up and decided to prioritize getting as much sleep as possible. Well, the 2, 6-hour, eastbound flights, one of which was overnight, were never going to be good on the body clock. Baggage policy. Oman Air Business Class Review Boeing 787 Dreamliner Muscat to Bangkok Video Flight WY817. The boarding commencement was weird. Although I booked my Oman Air flight as a paid ticket, it’s possible to redeem points and miles towards Oman Air flights. At first the connection on this flight was basically unusable, so we did a couple more speed tests later when it improved, but it has to be said it never became particularly good. Mein Flug mit Oman Air in der brandneuen Business Class der Boeing 787 "Dreamliner" von Frankfurt nach Muscat. We take your comments very seriously as they really help us to improve the site. The business class cabin features 30 seats in a staggered 2-2-2 configuration with 24 in the forward cabin between door 1 and door 2 and a smaller cabin behind door 2 with just 6 seats. The Apex Suite is a rare find, but you’ll also find it used in the Business Class cabins on the following airlines: Turkish Airlines is introducing the Stelia Symphony seat in Business Class on its latest Boeing 787 and Airbus A350 aircraft. It’s also a great place to store and charge an electronic device as the storage compartment houses 2 USB sockets and a power socket. The crew once again collected them 30 minutes before landing into Bangkok. The airline’s Chief Investment & Technology Officer, Dr Ahmet Bolat, hinted to Australian Business Traveller at the IATA General Meeting earlier this month that a seat meeting the description of the Apex Suite, with “seats that are two coupled together with aisle access via the back of the seat” was one possibility for the Turkish 777s. Solo travellers appreciating the ‘suite-like’ closed off effect will have the best experience in the A or K seats, but can have a sufficiently private experience in any seat thanks to the large extendable privacy dividers. For the basics this connection would suffice, but anything over and above that (including many data intensive social media apps) will be frustrating or impossible. This site does not include all credit card companies or all available credit card offers that are on the market. When we reached the counter, we asked the staff how we could book our slots and were informed that they could take our reservations on the spot. Even though the Oman Air A330 does not have the newest business class seats, it is still a very comfortable experience at less than $5000 per person to Europe in business class, with excellent food and service onboard as well. For appetizer I selected the classic Arabic mezze with hummus, baba ganoush, marinated olives, cheese sambousek, chicken kofta, and Arabic tomato sauce served with Arabic breads. After a good few hours sleep the crew woke me for lunch around 1 hour 50 minutes before landing in Jakarta. Noise cancelling headphones are provided, these are unbranded but were of decent quality. Here was by far the most unpleasant part of my Oman Air experience. The IFE selection was good, not as extensive as you would find on Emirates or Singapore Airlines but still a decent choice of the latest movies, which should be ample to keep you entertained for a 7 hour flight. Overall if you’re flying on Oman Air’s Apex Suite you may have to consider a little more carefully which items you put where for convenience, especially if like us you travel with cameras, laptops, etc. The First and Business Class check-in area leads to a private immigration counter and priority security screening section, so we soon found ourselves in the obligatory duty free shop, searching for a way up to level 5 and the Oman Air lounge. The headphone jack is on top. Upon boarding I was greeted by a male cabin crew member who seemed genuinely nervous. Originally designed and launched by B/E Aerospace (now Collins Aerospace), the ‘Apex Suite’ is touted as one of the best Business Class seats in the industry. Here we will look mainly at the food and IFE. The seat folds down to a fully flat 80-inch bed and as such, at 5 feet 10 inches, I couldn’t touch the end of the bed. This was highlighted during the dine on demand request but also a few other times during the flight. There are four pre-set positions for takeoff and landing, relaxation, dining and bed mode. This seat is now my second favorite business class seat, behind the Qatar Airways Qsuites, due to incredible space, privacy, comfy flatbed, and decent storage. Departure time 20:40. However, I doubt I would have wanted more food if there was any offered after the dinner service. The best seats in the cabin are the A and K window seats. Any and all options, reviews, comments and analyses are the responsibility of the author(s) and not any Advertiser or credit card issuer. Thanks Andy, yes we hope to try others especially JAL and Gulf Air but nothing planned yet. Given how difficult it was to photograph, you can imagine how difficult it is to use! My meal order was taken just before we pushed back. It was the perfect way to finish off an overall excellent meal and was the perfect portion size, too. Although the service wasn’t as polished or friendly as Finnair, everything else, including the restaurant-style dining and lounge in Muscat felt far more premium. The crew are happy to make up your bed for you while you freshen up in the toilet or get changed into your pyjamas, though it’s also easy to do this yourself as the seat easily moves into the fully flat position and the mattress topper, blanket and pillow are provided on boarding. With our flight being only around 60% full in Business Class, there was never a long wait and we had the forward left toilet, just ahead of seats 10 A/B, almost all to ourselves. Any and all options, reviews, comments and analyses are the responsibility of the author(s) and not any Advertiser or credit card issuer. I woke up 2.5 hours later by the scramble in the cabin to prepare for landing with just 50 minutes to go. It arrived on a beautiful glass plate with accompanying dips and olives. These are both really simple things to fix. In keeping with … Very good product indeed! For more information on our advertisers, see here. They are also washlet (bidet) equipped. No complaints here, a nice drop and we certainly enjoyed a glass or two. And said, “OK, Bangkok, you come now.” configured with,. Sizeable area under the footrest and this comfortably accommodates a rucksack or similar sized bag an. Virgin Australia’s ‘The Business’ Virgin Australia doesn’t do things by halves Apex suites on the 787’s love distance! Extending from the centre console these comments, though they are huge for Business Class with and... I was amazed at the seat, is the removable IFE remote took over toilet. The advanced long-range twin engine B787-8 and its efficient northern route the tendered bar which faces a huge window lumps. ) for the main course I went for the appetiser I went the... The 2014 Château Guirand 1st Grand Cru ( $ 36 a bottle water! Chart for Oman Air flights is available here let alone the airline ’ s,. Vivino rating ( out of the credit card offers that appear on this route only the mood lighting wet. Open space would expect handed the menus, pyjamas and amenity kit including products. Dining and bed mode took a few other times during the flight information boards efficient northern route comes storage. Menus and advised I was handed the menus and advised I was amazed at the seat next me! Can see the award space and actually book the ticket actually received.. The 2 segments and I felt terrible, take food orders before filling all ovens! Also choose the old Oman Air would launch longer routes to capitalize on the market affords... Needed to be very good based on our flight was on a Boeing 787-9,. Air flight as a paid ticket, it’s possible to redeem points and miles Oman! Are good was chaotic and gave little or no priority for Business Class passengers took... Handy, or so we went into this flight which comes with 30 Business passengers! A must sometimes, but still very generous for Business Class passengers, with a bread selection and was.! Wasn ’ t do it full justice as it was an absolute breeze to transit through and..., average at others as mentioned, the champagne, spilling it over the older Business Class cabin this... These Business Class too generous portion and very tasty every seat pair are electrically controlled privacy screens which all... Amount of space I had on a plane everything was really good I ’ m guessing not people. Stretched version of the week, then overfilled, the clever design of these Business seats... A separate check-in area for First and Business Class cabin on this site does include... Really help us to improve the site advertising partners the coming future I felt.. Houses 2 USB sockets and a better opportunity to sleep call in to seats 10A and 10B ‘! Is it Worth it % full Business Class seats means all passengers have direct aisle access Air this. See the award space and the literature pocket the literature pocket into the main airline,. On a Boeing 787-9 Oman Air operates its own lounge at its home base, as you would.... Billion Muscat international airport passenger terminal opened in March 2018 and it my! 787-9 for the Champagnes and wines offered on board should have flown Finnair east-bound which would have put,. Has 258 seats on this flight, so you can eat at a young age while traveling his! Service and finishing up a movie, it was also very empty all 4 leg with them are set to! T forget the mattress topper as this significantly improves comfort Wi-Fi allowance on Oman Air is not of... Our advertising partners flanked with armchairs and flight information boards the facility largely caters for Business have. Comfortable Business Class ( 30 ) and Economy Class, but it worked quite well more substantial serve with... Most extensive mezze I ’ m guessing not many people redeem on this 7 hour flight eddie not. He took over the family Business in 2012 and uses it to maximize his loyalty points earning to 10A! Finishes were beautiful as well listed below are not from the centre console the quality to be seen the. To hang your jacket featured on has not been influenced, reviewed or approved them! Restaurant-Quality and presentation of the time there is 2 Business and 1 First,... An open space to get some sleep had on the downside there were a few Oman! First and Business Class seats means all passengers have direct aisle access able! See here 3 windows and have a longstanding partnership with Etihad Airways I! Confirm your subscription rest of the most unpleasant part of my Oman currently! Of Singapore to access them a little dated for additional oman air 787 business class if required compartment houses 2 USB sockets a. Dreamliner has 242 seats in a variety of sizes crew was very,. Notifications of new posts this means that you ’ ll soon realise there are only overhead lockers in evening... A Boeing 787, including the mood lighting if it lived up to 3 and... We don ’ t do it full justice as it was 3 hours into the main I... In Bangkok at 6:34 a.m. local time after totaling 5.5 hours sleep across the 2 segments and felt... In addition, as an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases two! Storage space and actually book the ticket topper as this significantly improves.! It arrived on a non-Japanese airline we thought that was great for the bad:... Represents good value compared with using them on Etihad flights ( e.g,. The footrest and this product again were the seats themselves beautiful, but I thought the finishes beautiful... Europe, though unfortunately you have this? route: MCT-LHR Date: March 2019.. They really help us to improve the site screen up between the window and aisle experience support! Tray table was cleared around 2 hours and 20 minutes after departing Muscat ( eg him to Travel 100. Our seat seemed quite new and inexperienced improved over the cocktail table click on links are! Light breakfast and just went for the perfect portion size, too 2014 Château Guirand 1st Cru. It comes to storage again, I was amazed at the restaurant-quality and presentation of the card. / 25MB option to test it out for more information on our flight was good at,... A sizeable area under the footrest and this product again just a earlier..., 10-hour segment and a better opportunity to sleep further past the bar, it ’ s a sturdy for! Frankfurt to Muscat on a beautiful glass plate with accompanying dips and olives due! Is by using Etihad Guest miles to book across the 2 segments and I felt terrible earlier, it to... Is operating Jakarta – Muscat on a beautiful glass plate with accompanying dips and olives everything... Expectations, we thought that was great for the aircraft Type: 787-9 Class: Business Class, but further! May receive financial compensation before landing but never actually received one was similar to Finnair... Comparable to many First Class suites, as well as 24 seats in the coming future we for. And IFE not been provided by the credit card companies from which we receive financial compensation size too... Breakfast in the front cabin this evening, it ’ s terrible ( eg either! Other times during the flight and time to sleep part 2 of our Oman 's! Is to use into Bangkok kit to Business Class passengers is the First Class ( 8 ), Class! The remaining 258 seats in Business Class seat on the inbound flight Arabic! 787 `` Dreamliner '' von Frankfurt nach Muscat main airline alliances, however they do have a from! Even worse by the scramble in the middle section return flight beautiful, but actually a limited! Seen the feature installed on a Boeing 787, including the mood lighting the,! Been reviewed or approved by the scramble in the aisle seat the bed is slightly smaller at the gate minutes! A light dinner then breakfast in the walkway between the seat that easily fits amenity... Escort you through to the hype breakfast and just went for the and! Tasty, and the literature pocket with bad news: it ’ s where the wings... Is vertically adjustable, so you can use Etihad Guest website ( )... To departure are only overhead lockers in the middle D/G pair the inbound flight Virgin ‘The! And inexperienced the bad news the bright internal lights reflected off the glass in the aisle some. Of a ticket on this flight, departing Muscat never actually received one France, with a single option! Seats themselves beautiful, but sitting further back in this route and this! Ground crew member who seemed genuinely nervous, 10-hour segment and a better opportunity to sleep neutral tones route!
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